One of my favorite things about living in Houston is the big once in a lifetime experiences that pass through all the time.  Remember that incredible NCAA final four that just happened 3 months ago? Oh yeah, that took place in Houston.  Playoff games, golf tournaments, notorious speakers and A List superstar concerts make Houston such a fun place to live. Even the Superbowl will be making its way to the Space City next year!  Our love for sports has just skyrocketed with the plethora of events we can attend.  It makes it even more fun to be from Kansas and huge fans of most Kansas teams who coincidentaly are some of Houston sports biggest rivals.  Adam and I attend as many games as we can for all the local sports especially when they are playing a KC team.

Within the past year we have been able to see that incredible come back win for the Royals in the playoffs against the Astros.  We were the only two left in the seats around us jumping up and down as KC stayed alive in an epic way which allowed them to go on and win the World Series in another bout of equally exciting and nerve-racking games.  Adam watched as the Kansas City Chiefs beat out the Houston Texans in the first round of the playoffs and crushed this city’s dreams of a big dance again during football season.  And I (work willing) aim to not miss a chance to chant in Caldron style any time Sporting comes to town to take on the Dynamo.  So when I heard Houston was hosting some of the Copa America games, I desperately thought ‘we have to go’.  When the US made the semifinals, I HAD to go.  My amazing husband made that possible.

Adam works in a business that is all about building the right relationships and sometimes those relationships include a little schmoosing.  Let’s face it, the guy is the luckiest man I know.  Anytime big events come to town there is always someone in the group of contractors or in the company itself that has tickets.  Needless to say he gets invited to go to events quite often.  He already had tickets to the Tuesday night primetime game, good seats.  So when I said I wanted to go that meant I would be going by myself and tickets for the nosebleeds were already climbing into the “outside my budget” range.  After much debate and continuously saying I want to go, no it’s ok..I don’t have to go, but I’d really like to go; Adam purchased 2 tickets in section 620 and told me to find a friend.  I had one friend that I knew would be up for it and would probably be able to go.  And so the story begins.


Ryann and I made our way to the stadium early enough to grab a bite to eat and a drink before tirelessly making the climb all the way to the top to take our seats.  It didn’t matter,  that the players looked like tiny ants the view was amazing.  We got to cheer on the US and while you all know how that game turned out we still had a blast.  Even though we didn’t get to see a US win, we did get to see a pretty freaking awesome goal by Lionel Messi, a crazy fan who ran on the field, kneeled at Messi’s feet and proceeded to kiss them and we saw a couple pretty unique injuries.

All in all it was a success and another check of the bucket list!  Next time, it’ll be a World Cup championship and let’s hope the US wins.

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