Wedding Bells

Everyone said your wedding day will fly by; I thought how could it possibly!  You spend all this time planning every tiny detail and you are telling me you won’t remember it all?  Well, they weren’t lying.  May 21, 2016 started off as a blur and non stop rush to get to the next place or do the next thing.  I felt as if I barely had time to sit and enjoy the morning with my beautiful ladies!  Thank God for mimosas, and pictures!

Adam and I along with my brother and sister in law Tamara made our way to Kansas driving all though the night Wednesday to arrive early Thursday morning in Emporia. After a quick conversation with the parents and a small but beautiful time with our nephews, I was up to take a nap.  That afternoon, my sister and I loaded up and headed for Kansas City, we had a dress to get!  After a quick jog over to Blue Springs to get the chair covers I decided on a couple weeks prior and a really brief stop at the Plaza for an errand at Apple, we finally made it to my last minute “oh I hope this looks as good as I want it to” fitting and the dress was officially mine!  At prior fittings I remember thinking that I wasn’t too thrilled, it seemed that in her attempt to not ruin the style of dress with it’s intricate lace and fit and flare bottom that the seamstress had made me look (or feel) larger than I was in the waist.  Turns out we were just forgetting a small, almost unnoticeable button which turned me from a rectangle to a bride with shape!  It was truly incredible how different that small button made me feel.  Completely loaded up now, it was time to head back to Emporia and finish minor decor details. Meanwhile, back home Adam was to be putting together our hotel welcome bags – which turned out to be a big hit!

Friday morning bright and early, Adam and I headed for Manhattan.  The boys had an early tee time for a round of golf and I was stranded for a couple hours with lots that I needed to do but unable to do any of it.  Early check in was set for noon and here it was barely past 8:00 am.  Everyone else was coming closer to noon/one so I was on my own to find ways to pass the time. What better way to do that than shopping!  My first stop was at Hobby Lobby as they were open and I did have a couple of things to grab for the ceremony.  Next I grabbed a bite to eat and sat in the mall parking lot to wait for 10:00.   I perused several shops looking for little things for the honeymoon and maybe a new dress for rehearsal (I had brought a white dress and Adam had mentioned that ‘I would be in white on Saturday you should wear something else’ go figure!).  The sales associate at one store talked about the weather and we both discussed how we hoped it didn’t rain all weekend.  I said I hope it doesn’t because I’m getting married outside tomorrow and that got several people in line talking about how I’m getting married in 24 hours and just out shopping like any other day; it really was just any other day though ladies.  There was nothing to stress about because I couldn’t do anything yet that required stressing!  I made my way to the hotel early but was able to check in since we had the suite ya know, Rockstars!  I unloaded most everything that needed to go to the reception and room just in time for my my maid of honor, Katie, to arrive.  Shortly after many others would arrive and the madness would begin!

The rehearsal should have given me a heads up to what was in store for the rest of the somewhat chaotic weekend.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, got lost.  I pulled in to the hill I thought was correct just on time for our rehearsal, there were already people standing around but the more I looked the more I realized I don’t know any of these people! Was my dad right, did they double book our venue!? Suddenly, that stress that was absent from my wedding weekend began to arise and sheer panic overcame me when luckily Chris (the venue owner) pointed us further up and to the left which was OUR hill.  Whew!  I guess that’s what happens when you get married at a point in such a vast space as the Flinthills. After we finally wrangled in all of our lost parties we were able to begin our rehearsal.  I am so thankful for this rehearsal because it was not only beautiful out but I was able to hear Adam’s cousins sing our requested songs for the first time and heard them start to finish, no wind and no distractions.  It was absolutely perfect.  I cannot imagine having anyone else sing for us and am so blessed to call them family; they are tremendously talented.

After a fun evening of family and friends, story telling and cocktails, it was time to get some rest.  8 am would come quickly and I needed to be up and ready when it did.  Before my hairstylists arrived and my leading ladies, I needed to finish up my letter to Adam.  I had written most of it on a hotel notepad as I was falling asleep the night before and needed to revise some parts that maybe didn’t make as much sense as I originally thought and ensure every word was precisely how I wanted to it be.  Next, I needed to transfer all these bits and pieces split between notepad and phone to one single card. 2016-05-21 Adam+Natalie Wedding-23 I’d hoped it was worthy of my feelings for that day.  I originally had wanted us to write our own vows but Adam protested that aspect merely because he did not know if he could make it through them (he’s such a sweetheart) so this letter was a small snapshot of what my vows would have sounded like.  After hair and make up it was rush, rush, rush through pictures.  We didn’t think we were going to get individual shots with each other because we ran a little over on time getting ready, typical girls huh? But luckily I had an efficient and awesome photographer who was able to get every shot I asked of her and still get us all to the ceremony on time.

2016-05-21 Adam+Natalie Wedding-163

One of the most special surprises in my pictures was that they were able to capture a moment I missed entirely.  My lovely sister had made it all the way back from overseas with her 4 boys for my wedding. Unfortunately, due to scheduling Marvin (my brother in law) was going to be unable to attend.  I was heartbroken as I had wanted to ask Marvin to actually officiate the wedding and he is such an amazing part of my family I couldn’t imagine him not being there.  But having family overseas you learn to understand how difficult it can be when you live in another country with responsibilities to just make trips back any time, and I completely understood why he couldn’t make it.  However, a few days before the big day I got word that an unexpected trip back to the states was in store for Marvin and that depending on how his flights worked out he might be able to make it!  Not getting our hopes up we patiently waited to see if he made his flight out of New York to Dallas after customs, surprisingly he did and he caught an earlier flight to Manhattan getting in just in time for the celebration.  The best part was him getting to surprise his 4 adorable boys and I’m so glad our photographer was able to snap a couple peeks of that, which was a surprise when I got my photos.  Yay!  The whole thing made our wedding so much more special.

I went back and forth on whether to do a first look or not with Adam but eventually went with my heart which had always said that I wanted him to see me for the first time when I was walking down the aisle.  It’s about the only traditional thing I wanted in my wedding but for whatever reason, it was important.  As I sat and waited in hiding, it was awesome getting to see so many people arrive.  People from my family and Adam’s family, friends I hadn’t seen in years and friends of Adam’s that I had yet to meet.  It was almost as if I wasn’t present at my own wedding, like I was looking in on something I wasn’t suppose to be seeing yet.  It was fun!  I eventually was able to make my way to the limo to wait for my big entrance.  I got to sit with a few of my bridesmaids as they held my hand and smiled and laughed with me to keep my nerves in check.  I wasn’t nervous to marry Adam but I was nervous for everyone to stare at me.  Their support was so very much needed and I could not have asked for a better crew to help me on my day.  Brianna told me the waiting is the worst part and she certainly was right.  I felt like I was in that limo alone for days.  Next thing I knew, the barn doors closed and it was my time to go.

2016-05-21 Adam+Natalie Wedding-375The rest of the story you can see in pictures and videos.  It was perfect in every way.  Even through the chilly wind, a tricky candle ceremony and the unexpected prayer music.  They say something has to go wrong on your wedding day and well while some things in a way may have gone wrong, they made my day that much more special and unique and I wouldn’t have wanted it to go perfectly if it would mean not having those memories. It’s been 3 months since we pledge our love for each other.  As husband and wife, life hasn’t been much different for Adam and I but every time I look at wedding band I am reminded of what’s to come next.  We are very much looking forward to what God has in store for us and cannot thank each and every one of you who is reading this right now for being a part of that journey.

It was too hard to narrow down the 900+ photos our amazing photographer, Megan Thornton with Demiurge Photography, captured for us but I did try! In the end laziness won, so sorry for the over abundance of pictures but I figured it was easier this way.


We were also blessed with some beautiful video coverage.  Check out the talented work of Luxe Studios in our highlight video:


Thank you all for sharing in our special moments!

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