Sweater Weather

The 22nd officially brought fall, my favorite season. The time of year when the leaves begin changing, the weather cools down, football is in full swing and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This time of year always brings back a bit of nostalgia; to the time of bonfires and Friday night football games, sitting around in hoodies with no care of what the future holds. Fall in Houston is a little different. The leaves don’t change until closer to December, if they change at all, and it remains a pretty consistent 80-90 degrees. So for me fall has become more of an idea. This week was our first low 80s week of weather and it’s been getting into the 60s at night! Wow! It’s beautiful. It has gotten me in the mood to do all things fall. I pulled out our Halloween and fall decorations and realized I can’t believe this is all I have! So after a few trips to Michaels I spent my Friday off crafting a special wreath for our front door. This was my first attempt at a wreath and with the approval of the husband, I can now confidently say that I think I did a pretty good job! This cost a fraction of what a pre made wreath even at 40% off would have cost me at the store.

imageI love to make things and often find that I end up liking it much better than anything I’ve bought. Two years ago I moved in with my now husband who owned only one tiny Christmas tree which he left decorated in the closet year round, I quickly realized that I was in desperate need for some creativeness so I set out to deck our place out for the holidays.  I found these 2-pack burlap blocks that were on sale and I thought ‘I could make something with these’, unsure of what exactly but it was so cheap I couldn’t resist. I turned one into a Halloween sign and the other a snowman for Christmas. With leftover blocks I had purchased years ago I decided to make some fun little odes to Halloween as well and Pinterest inspired me to create my own cheesecloth ghosts. And so began my love for all things cute, cheap, and handmade. Don’t get me wrong, I still love picking up a few fun table top and wall pieces for the holidays and will continue to drive Adam insane for the bags of home stuff I bring home on a regular basis but there’s just something about that piece that you put your own heart and time into that makes it the most special piece of your collection. The final products aren’t always as beautiful as the ones you see being pinned every 5 seconds but they sure do bring a prideful touch to your home.

The next step in my all things fall weekend will be baking! I plan to whip up some goodies today including these snicker doodle blondies that have taken over my Facebook newsfeed. I hope they are as good as they look.

I’m always on the lookout for fun recipes or great DIY ideas. If you have any great fall traditions in your household, please comment or email to share! Happy Fall y’all!

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