A Year in the Life of Ralphie Jones

Christmas 2015 after all the gifts had been opened Adam slipped me one more. A simple bag but inside contained something that started a tremendous journey for us.

IMG_0498.JPGAs we finished planning our big day; in between Pinterest surfing, endless emails and lists upon lists, I was constantly looking at various websites for our perfect dog.  We stopped by several adoption days at my request but couldn’t pull the trigger. As the months ticked on, it just made sense to wait until after we got married.  That was until one fateful day.  I left Adam early on a Saturday morning May 7th to head to the airport to pickup my sweet friends Brianna and Ashleigh, it was my bachelorette party!  Surrounded by some of my best gals both from back home and from Houston we were getting well into the festivities when I got a text that started it all “I’m bringing this guy home tomorrow.” img_1398

My only response was “No you’re not.” I didn’t believe him until he actually showed up the next day with our very first pup.  It truly was love at first sight. He stole my heart and has been worming his way deep in there ever since.

Needless to say, our lives changed since that day.  We now have a responsibility to something other than ourselves.  It was a bit of a wakeup call realizing how much more dependent we needed to be for him.  No extra stops, get home as soon as possible so that we can let our poor little guy out. We have good days and bad days but we wouldn’t trade coming home to his little, excited, wiggly butt everyday.  This past year we’ve watched him struggle to take on our massive stairs, lose his baby teeth, grow into his adult teeth, find his voice, learn several tricks, figure out the whole potty training thing and becoming quite feisty but in a sweet way.

He went from crying himself to sleep to sleeping on our heads to now not wanting to be anywhere near mom and dad to sleep.  I’ve loved being able to  celebrate every milestone with him: his first Vet visit, 1st haircut, his first tumbles off the bed and now his first birthday.  I can’t wait to see what kind of dog Ralphie continues to grow into.  We are so happy that you are ours Ralphster. Happy Birthday!

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