My 30 (+1) Day Yoga Journey

Ahh…what a crazy month August was!  I am so excited that it is September, that means fall is on the horizon with all things pumpkin, delicious and gorgeous!  Normally spring is the time when people are really focusing on their health and body.  Being smack dab in the middle (or towards the end) of the sweltering heat and bikini season that we call August, isn’t really when one would be motivated to really start giving a hoot about that bod BUT I did.  After months of watching myself go downhill I suddenly was jolted into this feeling of wanting more for myself.  I had done so well at the beginning of the year (as many do), I was trying new classes and learning how to push my limits.  Then May came. I focused more on preparing for my trip and preparing to leave work for 2 weeks than preparing my body to eat loads of unbelievably delicious carbs. I paused my ClassPass membership knowing that I wouldn’t be making my monthly allotted classes for that month, fully expecting myself to jump right back in in June. WRONG!  Unexpected staffing issues that arose at work meant I was now going to be working all day every day until further notice and who wants to work out on the weekends when you are burnt out and have a house that’s been neglected in weeks!

Long story short, I had gained a bit of weight and my thighs and belly were beginning to make me very disappointed in myself. So I decided to do just one thing. One thing that I could do at home every day quickly and help start moving me in the right direction.  My one thing I wanted to do, was learn crow pose.  This is a pose I have never been able to do in all my yoga practices, I’ve been deathly afraid of it. Why? Because I was pretty sure I would fall and break my neck if I tried.  However, learning crow pose meant expanding my Yoga knowledge and practice and so that goal quickly transitioned into 30 days of Yoga.  My first search brought up Yoga with Adriene.  This is who I would Yoga with at home when I was practicing more consistently so of course it was the winner!

Adriene is so quirky and chill.  She makes you feel comfortable and allows you to go at your own speed.  Best of all she’s located right up the road in Austin, TX, so a fellow Texan makes her a no brainer!  😉 I was really excited to learn more about myself and my yoga abilities in this 30 day practice.  I loved that each video was doable, most under 30 minutes and none more than 40.  Some of the practices were less challenging than I would have liked but it was great for someone just starting out.  She gave lots of direction on how to make things more or less challenging, which I liked especially because I’m still not super flexible.  This 30 days of Yoga focused more on inner connection to your movements, really focusing on your energy and strengthening basic poses.  I am accustomed to a flow practice so it was really nice to do more opening but still strengthening my vinyasa.  She really only focused on some balancing towards the end of the 30 days so if you are wanting to focus on that (which I was) you will definitely need to add in some additional mat time and videos to improve your strength in those.

Did I make it through the whole 30 days? Yes. Once you start, you just want to finish! I practiced in the mornings, at night, during the day, after a funeral and through a hurricane. It was worth it. Did I practice every day? No. Some days it just wasn’t possible and that happens but when I skipped a day, I just did 2 videos the next day instead of one and kept moving forward. There is no shame in that. But wait, August has 31 days right? Correct. Rather than cheat myself out of one whole month of practice I worked on crow only, for about an hour on the final day.  Did I get into that horrifying crow pose? Eh…. not to the extent I wanted but the first time I lifted my feet up I jumped up and down in so much excitement.  I’m excited to continue my journey and keep growing and strengthening until I’m flying like a pro!

Results: I lost 5 lbs, 1/8″ in the hips, 1″ around that horrible belly, 1/4″ around my thighs and most noticeably 1.25″ in my waist. What these pictures won’t show you is how much I changed inside. How I started to view myself differently and had a whole new appreciation for small victories. What they will show you is that your body will fluctuate, that’s guaranteed. I felt my best physically on Day 15 but I felt my strongest on Day 31. Don’t let your body fool you. You can make incredible strides an 1/8 of an inch at a time.

I still have a long way to go but I feel stronger, happier and most of all motivated to continue! Now I challenge you to find one thing that you want to prove you can do. Ready…. Set… GO!

Progress is what you make it. Even one tiny step can make all the difference.

Subscribe to Yoga with Adriene here.  Or want to try your own 30 days? Start now.

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