Dream, Dream, Dream

I had a dream I met Beto. Like didn’t just meet him but rode on the same plane as part of his posse and took him all the way to Kansas to hang out with my whole family. Yeah, nuts. That might not seem strange to you because well the Texas Senate race was all up in your face for months so of course part of that had to make it into the jumbled end of the day thoughts that come out while you sleep. What’s weird about this dream was that my family (at least my parents) are extremely Republican.  And what makes this political plugged dream even more strange is that only a few weeks earlier, I had a dream my family and I met with President Trump.  (Uh, yeah. I know) My husband asked what we talked about in this dream with the president and to be honest I have no idea; all I remember is telling him he needs to be less of a jerk, only not quite in those exact words, if you catch my drift.

You see, I’m not a political person. I don’t follow politics, I never know what’s going on or who voted for what bill or even what those bills really mean. I vote after about a days worth of research and just for the big guys.  Much of Washington baffles me and honestly, irritates me.  While on our recent trip north Fox news was on at my parents house (surprised?) and all I heard was Democrat this, Democrat that. Right, left. Wrong or right.  I could only listen to about 2 minutes before I was ready to throw something at these people. It’s not just Fox news though because on the other side I’ve also watched CNN which is spewing the same garbage. Republicans, far right = bad.  I have to stop and wonder, when did Democrat or Republican start meaning that you are all the same person, who all think exactly the same and that everyone that doesn’t think like you is the problem.  They aren’t.  Politics is the problem.  See, I believe that there are thousands of registered Republicans that believe stricter gun laws wouldn’t hurt and that women should have final say in their bodies. I also believe there are tons of Democrats who don’t believe gun control is the answer and believe abortion is murder. So when you say right or left you are telling them to pick a side when there isn’t always a side to pick. The best policies, the best solutions are always those that take a little from both sides.  So these political dreams, what are they trying to tell me?

No, I’m not going to jump on a campaign trail nor would I ever be dumb enough to run for office, but I think these dreams are telling me that I need to get more involved.  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but it’s finally starting to kick in that I should be more concerned about my community and what’s happening in my neighborhood. I should be able to answer appropriately when someone asks me what the city decided to do to make sure widespread flooding like Harvey never happens again or what kind of development projects are in the works.  Our community shouldn’t have to find out our firefighters are being screwed on pay through an election! Like how did it even get that far?

So how do I get started; where do I get started? My first step is to start volunteering and devote my time to the community.  In my direct area, that to me means the homeless. So I’m signing up to start helping out with Star of Hope, whether that means just serving meals a couple times a month or if I can start assisting weekly in another capacity that’s what I’ll do.  From there I’d like to join other organizations and meet some people. Eventually, once we finally settle into our forever home, I can start attending town halls and become a true part of my neighborhood. Who knows maybe even serving on a board or two. I know there is a long future ahead and it will take a long time for me to get there but I feel like now is the time to finally stop talking and start doing.

What about you? What types of service have you done for your community lately? Any pointers to a lost women looking for purpose with a desire to serve? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

FYI: I am a registered Republican and do agree with a lot of this parties platform on many issues but I’m very much more of a moderate on social issues. Nothing in this post is meant to say that one party is good or bad and I hope that was made clear!

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