Growing Pains

What an exciting year we have had already! So exciting that I’ve not been back on to update the world on what we’ve been doing.  Little man turned 6 months old on the 10th and he surprised us with deciding to grow up all at once! We snapped the picture and boom, he decided he can sit up on his own and start to scoot himself all over the place, in a strange but effective way. Clearly we were not prepared for this and so the baby proofing begins! Everyone baby proofs late right? Did you realize there are about a million different things to buy. Like I knew about covering up outlets, anchoring down furniture, blocking stairs and padding sharp corners but we went to look at Buy Buy Baby a couple Sundays ago and for plugs alone they had about 20 different options! They have little plastic things specifically for tying up blind cords. My goodness we are out of our element! Truthfully, we may be the worst parents in the world but I’m not going to spend a bunch of money on a plastic piece for every blind in my house when I can just as easily tie the cord up on itself for free.. let’s be honest people, don’t waste your money.

IMG_6268Getting prepared to take the plunge on baby gates and baby jails and all things safety has made me realize my baby isn’t a baby anymore, he’s becoming a tiny tot who will be a running toddler before we know it and then let’s face it he’s practically in kindergarten and graduating high school. He’s basically moved out already. I’ve accepted that fact. 😀 But in all seriousness, the time has flown. I thought this may be the perfect time to rewind and take a look at the little one’s nursery that we put together.

I started planning little one’s nursery before there was even a baby. LOL I had secretly pinned all sorts of ideas on baby announcements and already had falling in love with a travel themed nursery.  Since we technically have only 2 bedrooms we knew that the guest bedroom would be turned into a nursery eventually. What we didn’t realize is how much baby stuff you get! The guest bedroom had Adam’s old queen sized bed, a large Ikea bookcase, a trunk and a bedside table.  Trying to make a crib, changing table/dresser & rocker fit in this tiny space was true to be a challenge but we really didn’t want to lose the extra bed.

We started by moving the bookcase & trunk into our room by rearranging a few things to make it fit. Then we emptied the bedside table (which was falling apart already) and tossed it out. Next came measurements and finding the right pieces to fit. We got really lucky getting pregnant when we did. Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us were going out of business so it was the perfect time to stock up on stuff and for others to purchase shower gifts for us at a significant price reduction!  We purchased our crib, mattress and several other necessities for a ridiculously good price. I mean 60% off a crib that’s nearly $400 is a pretty darn good deal! I knew I wanted a dresser to place the changing pad on top of so that we didn’t have a useless piece of furniture once the babies are out of diapers. However, they didn’t have the matching dresser in the correct color so we opted for Ikea instead! I had wanted a 6 drawer piece that seemed “nicer” but my husband is the sensible one and said no. This Hemnes dresser was the perfect size and we added some Skubb boxes inside to help sort clothes, diapers and supplies. I purchased 3 sets and that was plenty.

My mother in law had given me a few bins for storage and so I purchased 2 shelving units from Target for and a couple additional tubs the same color of the other cubes. These store our small selection of shoes, some toys, blankets and bedding. Our last big purchase was a rocking chair. I looked at gliders at a the fancy baby store but Adam wanted a La-Z Boy so we hit up the 4th of July sale to do some looking.  In case you didn’t know, my due date was August 9th and there was a small possibility at this point that I may still be scheduled for a c-section 3 weeks early so we didn’t exactly have a lot of time by the time the 4th of July came around. Adam found a comfortable one but I hated the pattern & color so I was less than thrilled. The sales associate showed us the additional patterns and I saw a cute gray & blue specked one that I felt would be perfect but it would need to be custom ordered which would take over a month! We didn’t have that so just when we thought we were needing to go back to the drawing board we lucked out with finding the pattern I did like that was in stock at another location and could be delivered before little dude arrived. Score! All that was left was decorating!20180603_213155

So remember those secret Pinterest boards I was making? It was time to get started turning this catch all room into a dual purpose nursery. So remember those secret Pinterest boards I was making? It was time to get started turning this catch all room into a dual purpose nursery. nursery inspirationThis travel themed nursery from Style Me Pretty was my inspiration from the moment I saw the map. I purchased a scratch off map for our 1st Anniversary for my husband and I to document our adventures on and knew this was the perfect center piece for our room. It is above our changing table and I still point to all the different countries and states and show Myles where all his family lives!

HeIMG_3723 has loved staring at this piece for as long as he has been able to see it properly. His favorite is when I point to South America and ask him what languages they speak there. On a good day that will get a giggle.  If you want one of these maps for yourself head on over to Amazon. We had it framed at Hobby Lobby and we hope to continue scratching off our journey across the globe!


The rest of my wall pieces came gradually. Before I knew we were having a boy, a couple girlfriends and I went to a Board & Brush and I chose the Brave Little One design. I was just planning to use our existing mint based color scheme for a gender neutral design in the room so the colors were easy to select and the fact that they are bluish just happened to work out! I already had a picture frame that was a rustic gray and used this as a basis to paint my Ikea spice racks that we turned into display cases for some books. I finished my framed artwork on a rainy 4th of July morning by using up some extra canvas I had on hand. I purchased a 2 pack of 12″ canvases when they were on sale a long time ago with the intention of creating some holiday decor (I had seen a bunny piece on pinterest I wanted to recreate for Easter 2017 and never got around to it). This was the perfect reason to get creative! The directional piece was free-handed nervously and the world I created in Canva printed and then stenciled before completing in paint. If you haven’t heard of or used Canva before, you are missing out. I used it to create our RSVPs for our wedding and I use it to create lots of projects I can then import into my Cricut (since I have one now!). They have a ton of images for free and great fonts. It’s really great for internet graphics and prints and it’s sort of my cheat around buying images with Cricut. Seriously, check it out! It’s also how I created the other prints that are framed on the wall.

I knew I wanted a cute hand made mobile but my husband refused letting me buy this incredibly beautiful one from Etsy so instead I set out to find a way to make my own hot air balloon mobile. I found a free template and picked up some fabric I liked that matched the color scheme I was going for and a few of the supplies I didn’t have. Now, you may all be crafting gods and goddesses but for as much as I love making things from scratch I sure do curse the process sometimes. This is a very doable project for an afternoon (or morning if you are into those). A professional may only take an hour to make this if that.  This project took me 4 days a little spread out at a time because I mean, life. IMG_4140I started by cutting out my fabric pieces and painting my embroidery hoop. It took a couple coats of my all purpose paint and of course this step was totally optional. We had all dark wood in our room so I opted to not go with the natural look. Just a friendly reminder about patterns in case you have never used one before. Do not cut the paper on the lines before cutting your fabric. Cut around the pattern pieces and attach them to your fabric, then cut along the lines. I know it seems silly but it gives you the most accurate size. Next step was sewing. In my humble opinion the bottoms of this template are too small. Either that or I cut them incorrectly which is probably more so the case. I struggled greatly with getting these to match up entirely and closing them up seemed to be really messy.  Again, I’m not a professional and I think it adds something special to pieces that are handmade when things don’t look perfect. So I didn’t mind too terribly. I wasn’t selling this and my son wasn’t going to notice nor care.

For the baskets I opted to use twine hot glued together rather than cork that was suggested. I felt it was more authentic and I also had the material on hand and could control the width. With all the pieces completed, the last step was to put it all together. I used fishing line to string my pieces as I wanted a “floating” look and I’m not a boyscout so my knots are just normal double knots. This was one of the final pieces to be hung and my engineer husband figured out how to anchor it securely and keep it level using a D ring screwed into our ceiling. You could definitely use a mobile arm but our crib was too wide for the one I purchased. Just be sure it’s plenty high enough to stay out of little one’s grasp as they get older.IMG_4223

The final little touches of decor were the wood letters I painted to make Myles official, no going back on the name now! Every piece I added helped me nest for baby boy and I love that I can tell our son how much love we put into creating his space and that each thing was made just for him. Often it can be best to purchase pieces for the sake of time and sanity but if you have the extra time and supplies on hand it can a fulfilling and less expensive way to decorate!

Now it’s time to start planning a 1st birthday party. Oh boy!


Materials used for projects:

2 12×12″ canvas – Michael’s $9.49 – usually these or a version of theses are on sale though

2 8×10 frames – Michael’s I think they were like 2 for $10 on sale

Specialty paper – Any craft store about $.79 each

1/2 yard of each fabric

3″ Wood letters – $2/each (always look for sales!)

6″ Fancy Wood M – <$2 (I’m pretty sure these were on clearance and an impulse buy)

Embroidery hoop $3-5

Felt – $.40

Embroidery thread

Paint pens

Craft paint

Fishing line


Hot glue gun

Pillow stuffing



Crib: Toys “R” Us

Dresser, Lamp & Wall Bookshelves: Ikea

Cube Storage, Rug & Curtains: Target

Airplane Clock: Marshalls/Home Goods

Map: Amazon




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